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Club La Santa has been an extremely popular destination with swimmers for years.

Our combination of training facilities alongside our three 50m pools has made us a top destination for swimming clubs looking for a place to run a training camp, triathletes training over winter, and other athletes who require first-rate swimming facilities.

As well as our pools, the lagoon offers a safe, calm and often warm environment for those who are looking for a place to practice open water swimming, which we can fully support.

Instruction is available for both children and adults in a wide range of disciplines.

Check out this fantastic VLOG from Swim Serpentine Race Director Colin Hill discussing the swim facilities at Club La Santa


Club La Santa has 2 swimming pool areas with between them 3 open-air 50m swimming pools. Each pool has 8 lanes, separated by ropes, and timing pace clocks at both ends of the pool.

There is one pool at the North pool area (which has recently reopened after a refurbishment), with two pools at the South pool area.

These pools are only used for swimming training and instruction, meaning that you can focus on your training without distraction.

Club La Santa is now the only resort in the world with three 50m swimming pools. We strive to save as much energy as possible and protect our natural environment. For this reason, we will always heat two of our 50m pools at all times, the third pool being heated only in times of high demand. The pools are heated using geothermal energy and solar panels.

Equipment for both children and adults can be borrowed via Sports Booking, we have available:

  • Speedo Aqua joggers (abdominal belt)
  • Speedo boards & hand paddles
  • Diving masks
  • Snorkles
  • Flippers
  • Armbands for children



The Green Team offer regular group lessons in all 4 disciplines for both Children and Adults, from complete beginners who have never swum before, through to advanced swimmers.

Our instructors are fully qualified and up to date with modern swimming technique to help you polish up your skills. We also make use of various coaching techniques including video recording analysis to pin point areas for improvement in advanced swimmers.

We run a number of Swim Camps throughout the year, where you can benefit from a more intense training programme while meeting other swimming enthusiasts from all over Europe. For more information please see the Events section.

You can also swim by yourself in any available lane.

Individual guests can only request Personal Instructions upon arrival in Sports Booking due to limited availability. Groups must make a request through the Sales Office or Groups Department in advance of their arrival, as there are a limited number of instructors available.

The original pool is open in the summer from 07.00 until 21.00 and in the winter from 08.00 until 19.00.

Please note we will be updating the 2 new 50m pools timetable soon.

Swimming Instruction is usually offered on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday subject to availability of instructors, and an Aquathlon is held regularly. Fully up to date information can be found in the Weekly Programme.

Are you coming up to your first triathlon and would like to improve your open water swimming technique?  Our three-part open water swimming tuition and camps can help you become markedly better.

Instruction sessions take place in our safe lagoon where we practice the following skills:

  • Dealing with the fear and claustrophobia that can occur during a start and navigating the “Washing machine”.
  • Navigation between buoys.
  • Maintaining speed and minimizing energy consumption.
  • The maintenance of good rhythm and momentum when turning around buoys.
  • Effective wetsuit swimming by adjusting your stroke, to work with and not against the suit’s rubber coating.
  • Strategy for various open water conditions, both technical and mental.

You get continuous personal feedback on your skills so that you can work on them at home, if necessary, or in the pool, if you do not have access to open water conditions.

Our 50-metre swimming pools can also be used for water polo. Water Polo is not a fixed part of Club La Santa’s activity programme, but it is available for groups.

Equipment and nets for water polo can be arranged via Sports Booking.



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