Weekly Programme & Sports Booking App

Weekly Programme & Sports Booking App

Weekly Programme & Sports Booking App

Where can I find the weekly programme?

The weekly programme is available online, via info screens around the complex and on the Club La Santa App under the Sport section.

We have five info screens around the complex that show the programme for the next 24 hours:

*Inside North Reception

*Sports Booking

*Outside South Reception

*Fitness Centre

*The Square

Will I be worse off if I choose not to use the app?

Our new points system is designed to ensure that all guests have equal opportunities to book, whether using the app or not. Using the app means you can make bookings 24 hours a day, whereas if you choose to not to, you are limited by Sports Booking’s opening hours. The new system also means that the service in Sports Booking will be faster and more efficient.

Why canʼt I get the full weekly programme in printed format?

Our online system gives us the flexibility to add or change activities at short notice and ensure that everyone is informed. Any extra activities or changes to existing activities can be easily communicated via the app, website and info screens. Not offering a printed programme also means we are doing our bit for the environment.

Our online programme will always be completely up-to-date and there is a printable option available directly on our website.