Weekly Programme & Sports Booking App

Weekly Programme & Sports Booking App

Weekly Programme 


Sports Booking App 

Where can I find the weekly programme?

The weekly programme is available online via any device with access to the internet, also via info screens and a limited version printed out and available in Sports Booking.

The information screens can be found:

North Reception (interior)

Sports Booking

South Reception (exterior)

Fitness Centre

The Square

A preview of the next three days’ programme will also be available in Sports Booking.

During your stay, you can download The Club La Santa Sports Booking App, which is available for IOS and Android

It makes bookings booking your favourtive sport and activities easy!

Read more about Sports Booking rules below:

How do I get access to the CLS booking app? 

The Club La Santa Sports Booking app can be downloaded for free on your smartphone or tablet via the app store or Google Play. The app is available for clients with a current reservation only.

If you are traveling as a family or group of friends, it is only the lead person (who has booked and paid for the accommodation) who receives a login. By sharing this login, you can manage the activities for all occupants in the apartment.When booking activities and sports on the app – activities and sports use a points system.

How much information will be available on the app?

All the week’s activities will be in the app and each activity is described in detail, including the time, venue, age limit, availability, description of activity and good advice. If you are not using the app for the booking, the same knowledge is available in person when booked via Sports Booking.

What additional information will I get via the app?

If an activity is moving to a different venue or if there is a change in the activity information in general, anyone who has booked themselves on the activity will receive a notification of this change. You must have allowed notifications in your device settings. The app has a section of General Information about Club la Santa, and this will be expanded on a regular basis. The front page of the app will display information on this week’s extra activities or special events.