Green Team & Vacancies

Green Team & Vacancies

Green Team

The Green Team is our DNA, it’s what makes us unique, our Green Team Instructors lead the activities and sports at the resort.


Constantly growing our Green Team is what makes us unique! Our dedicated team is made up of over 60 members each qualified to give you the best experience at Club La Santa. Weekly they teach 500 activities and 80 sports as well as organising social competitions, quiz’s, shows and much more! The Green Team is our DNA and has always been first point of contact for our clients.

  1.  Why Green?

Henning Haugaard, who the manager of the team of the team decided to made a deal with  H2O, a Danish sports company.

He wanted to create a uniform for the instructors that was inspired by the national Danish Handball team, which was blue and white coloured striped design.

He asked them to make it green and white as this was the typical colours from the houses all over Lanzarote.