Timeshare Owners At Club La Santa

Timeshare Owners At Club La Santa

ITSO is the organisation that represents all Club La Santa timeshare owners of all nationalities.

General Information for Time Share Owners

A TSO is entitled to free transfers between Arrecife airport and Club La Santa, whether they are occupying their own or an exchange apartment, or a tourist apartment which immediately precedes or follow the Timeshare week in which they are a resident at Club La Santa.
To qualify for a free transfer a TSO must notify Club La Santa least three weeks before the date of travel with the arrival and departure flight numbers, traveller’s names and expected arrival and departure time for all travellers. Any subsequent changes must be given to Club La Santa as soon as possible.
Any occupants of a TSO week are entitled to free transfers on the same conditions as the TSO.
If Club La Santa has agreed to an internal exchange of arrival/departure day for any reason, there is no right to a free transfer unless the exchange has been agreed because of lack of available flights from Germany and the Benelux countries, or from other specific agreed locations.
Large or special luggage items are included in the free transfers, provided that space is available on the bus.

To qualify for a free transfer a TSO is required to travel by Club La Santa bus, provided that advance notification is given to them by Club La Santa by publication of the relevant timetable on the Club La Santa website or otherwise that a bus will be available within one hour following his official flight arrival time.
If there is no bus available or if the flight is delayed and the TSO or any occupant arrives too late to board the scheduled Club La Santa bus, the TSO or any occupant will be entitled to travel by taxi and to receive reimbursement of the fare upon production of the relevant receipt.

In order to benefit from a free transfer a TSO or any occupant must travel by Club La Santa bus, provided that this will not cause them to arrive at the airport more than three hours before their official flight departure time.
If Club La Santa does not provide a bus, the TSO or any occupants are entitled to reimbursement of their taxi fare. They must confirm their transfer in the guide department beforehand.
For both arrival and departure, any occupant staying with a TSO in the same apartment as that TSO may travel at different times on the same day from the TSO and is entitled to free transfers as described above.