Solo Travel

Solo Travel

Solo Travel at Club La Santa

Here at Club La Santa we understand that there are many reasons for travelling alone. Whether you are escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, looking to meet likeminded people with a shared passion for sport, or  wanting to knuckle down on your training – it is the perfect destination for solo travellers!

Many people visiting Club La Santa opt to travel alone. In fact, nearly 20% of all bookings come from solo travellers! Solo travel is great if you’re looking to enjoy a short escape, a digital detox, or to simply throw yourself into training.

Making Friends At Club La Santa

The chance to meet new people through themed events and camps is a highlight of any stay at Club La Santa. With a variety of activities, you are sure to meet likeminded people with a shared sporting interest. Guests say that Club La Santa brings out the best in them while improving their confidence, wellness and happiness. If you want to feel your best again, Club La Santa is the place for you!

Travelling Solo At Club La Santa

Traveling by yourself can be one of the most exciting and uplifting experiences, no matter your age, and can massively benefit your mental health, helping you grow as an individual. It is an opportunity to switch off and disconnect, improve your self-confidence, appreciate your own company and meet new people.

What do our guests have to say?

“I absolutely loved it. A week was not long enough. The Green Team was so encouraging. The food was nice and the complex itself was hassle-free, had everything I needed with a great shop that wasn’t overpriced.

The booking team in the UK was also very comforting. This was my first solo holiday. I was sharing a room with an unknown female and didn’t know what to expect. They helped me organise everything and talked me through how it all works.

My holiday was the best of both worlds, active in the morning, chilling by the leisure pool in the afternoon to then do a class at the Volcano (Stretch and Relax) at 5pm before tea time. I learned new sports and I will be back again to learn those I did not get to do” – Lesley N.

Solo Stay Options

If you are planning to travel to Club La Santa alone, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve a “Twin to Share’ in order to keep the costs down. This is a Comfort One Bedroom Apartment, shared with a person of the same gender, meaning you will only pay half of the apartment price.

Please note that we do not have any double beds on the complex, all apartments have twin beds. We cannot guarantee if the person you share with is a smoker/non smoker or speaks the same language as yourself.