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Surrounding Club La Santa you will find a variety of on road and off road running routes of distances from 2km upto 21km. Every week we arrange a large range of social runs and competitions with something for everyone.


You will find a good range of routes starting right here at Club La Santa. Active guests can begin their day participating in one of the morning runs together with the Green Team. We also offer a morning walk for those of you who prefer a more gentle start to the day.

You are welcome to come along an join the morning runs from 2km to 5km distances around the lagoon, or the walk of 3km. If you don’t like to get up that early in the morning, you have the option of joining the afternoon run.
Members of the Green Team will also guide a Hill Run of 8km and two Off Road Runs, one of 8km and one of 12km, each week. These are free to join in and offer you the chance to meet other running enthusiasts while enjoying the beautiful scenery around Club La Santa.
For those of you who like to compete we arrange social races of 5km, 10km and a Half Marathon, in addition to the Duathlon and Mini Triathlon, each week and competitive races such as the International Running Challenge and the Areciffe Marathon each year. These are popular events attracting participants from all over Europe. Further details can be found in our Event Races page.

If you would like to become an expert in running, sign up for the running school in Sports Booking, which will be in held in groups and is for free. We also offer an evening track session, which is good training and a nice social group activity.
We also offer Running Camps throughout the year, taking you to different parts of the island, and to the neighbouring island of La Graciosa. Details can be found on the events pages.

The morning runs take place every morning at Club La Santa throughout the year. The afternoon run, Hill Run and Off Road runs each take place once a week, please see the weekly programme for further information.
The Running School takes place each Monday, and the track session each Tuesday evening. All sessions are free to join.

You have the option to hire a Personal Instructor who will design a unique running programme to suit your individual needs and goals. Whether you want to know if your running economy is optimal; if your running shoes are the right type for you; or if you’d like to know how to get started in running – your Personal Instructor can guide you and answer all of your questions. Individual guests can only request these instructions upon arrival in Sports Booking due to limited availability. Groups must make a request through the Sales Office or Groups Department in advance of their arrival, as there are a limited number of instructors available.




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