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Enjoy the experience of your favourite classes taking place outdoors under the blue sky, with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. We offer both Matwork and Reformer Pilates to get you in shape while you enjoy your holiday experience

Pilates is one of Club La Santa’s most popular activites, especially now that we have sessions using the Pilates Reformer machines, a perfect complement to your Pilates Matwork.

Reformers, the original piece of Pilates equipment, can assist or offer resistance depending on your exercise aims. Using springs and pulleys, the reformer allows you to push yourself to a level above what you can achieve on the mat.
For those of you who are already proficient on the mat, the reformer machine allows you to practice a move and, as you gradually increase in stability and flexibility, you are able to perform the move unaided. These exercises are also a great way to improve flexibility for guests who play a lot of sport.

The reformer machine is a highly specialized piece of equipment that should only be used under supervision or by experienced users. We have an area in the fitness centre where you can practice matwork exercises, equipped with fitballs, medicine balls and stretch bands to aid your movements. In addition, we have one reformer machine that can only be used if you have participated in one of our classes, or are an experienced user.

The Green Team offer a range of Matwork Pilates and Reformer Pilates sessions for both beginner and intermediate levels, which you are welcome to join in for free. We do have a limited number of Reformer machines, so please check availability in advance in Sportsbooking if you are interested in these classes.

Classes are offered two or three times each week. Times for individual classes can be found in the Weekly Programme.

If you would like to progress your Pilates to a higher level, or have an instructor correct your posture and demonstrate different exercises, Personal Instructions could be perfect for you, in eiter Matwork or Reformer Pilates. Groups interested in Personal Instructions can pre-book through the Sales Office or Groups Department before arrival.

If you choose to visit us as a group, we are very pleased to offer the following offers. If you book a full package with us (flight & accommodation) we offer 1 free place in 20. Please note this is for a minimum of a 7 night booking only.
If you decide to book just accommodation only, we offer a 1 free apartment in every 15 apartments that you book. This again is based on a minimum 7 night stay bookings only.
We also offer a free goodie bag when apartments are booked within our early bird offer. Please call our team on 0161 703 5815 for more details about this. Please also note this is only valid on bookings with a 7 nights stay or longer. The goodie bags that you can choose from are as follows:

Swimming groups:
Bag, swim cap, lanyard and water bottle, 6 x 4 photo
Running groups:
Bag, running cap, lanyard and water bottle, 6 x 4 photo
Triathlon and school/college groups:
Can choose from either of the above.
We look forward to welcoming you and your group to Club La Santa!




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