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At Club La Santa we offer you the chance to try various types of Functional Training classes, both indoors and outdoors. Functional training can be individual and is closely linked to everyday movements.

There is no limits to what you can achieve with functional training, when you return home you can still gain an over all body work out without the need to visit a gym. Learn from our instructors how to use your own body weight and work with limited equipment to train harder and smarter.

Functional Training

Our instructors offer personal instruction in all Functional Training classes maximising your functional strength, flexibility, balance and core stability all in one class. To arrange a personal training sessions or to find out more about what we have below.

This is the ultimate form of cross training which comprises constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. You will perform exercises using equipment and your own body weight to push your body to the max and improve your strength and overall fitness quicker than any other workout. It is completely scalable so suitable for everyone from complete beginner to elite athlete.

The TRX suspension trainer is a complete total body functional training tool that challenges all aspects of fitness; from flexibility, core strength and cardiovascular fitness to muscular strength and endurance
You can control the resistance and difficulty level by shifting your body position, making it suitable for gentle rehabilitation, hardcore athletic training and everything in between.

Barefoot Fitness
An equipment free conditioning class performed without shoes that trains the whole body using functional exercises and focuses on activating and strengthening weak and stiff feet.

If you choose to visit us as a group, we are very pleased to offer the following offers. If you book a full package with us (flight & accommodation) we offer 1 free place in 20. Please note this is for a minimum of a 7 night booking only.
If you decide to book just accommodation only, we offer a 1 free apartment in every 15 apartments that you book. This again is based on a minimum 7 night stay bookings only.
We also offer a free goodie bag when apartments are booked within our early bird offer. Please call our team on 0161 703 5815 for more details about this. Please also note this is only valid on bookings with a 7 nights stay or longer. The goodie bags that you can choose from are as follows:

Swimming groups:
Bag, swim cap, lanyard and water bottle, 6 x 4 photo
Running groups:
Bag, running cap, lanyard and water bottle, 6 x 4 photo
Triathlon and school/college groups:
Can choose from either of the above.
We look forward to welcoming you and your group to Club La Santa!




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