Improve your track and field skills with our athletics facilities at Club La Santa


Conica CONIPUR Vmax

This new running surface promises you the conditions for you to perform your very best.

With SPEED-SAFETY-STABILITY as its tagline, the variable of the running surface is taken out of the equation.

Club La Santa provides you with the best, highly technical, very sophisticated running surface, so your times are only defined by your own limits.

Furthermore we have divided the tracks into training and leisure lanes. Athletic groups will not be disturbed by other runners, as they have an outer lane with dedicated surface for leisure running.

For safety reasons, we will not be able to facilitate discus and hammer throw in our athletics stadium.

We can accommodate disabled athletic athletes – For shot put and javelin throw, international standard wheelchair fastening anchors are available and can be provided.

*Brand new CONIPUR Vmax running track with dedicated training and leisure lanes
*Tartan runway for long jumps and triple jump
*Tartan runway for pole-vault into the UCS mattress
*3 shot put circles
*Small/Drill hurdles
*Grass pitch for javelin throwing from a tartan runway approach


If you would like to borrow equipment, please contact Sports Booking.

We have the following equipment available:

Starting blocks
Pole vault bars
High jump bars
UCS mattresses
Measuring tapes
Plyometric boxes

Groups wishing to use these facilities must reserve them via the sales offices before arrival

Checkout the weekly programme to see what athletic activities we have on.

The Stadium is open throughout the day, but please be aware that other activities, such as Play Time Olympic day which takes place every Monday, will also be taking place at the Stadium and using some of the facilities.