One of our most popular water sports!

Windsurf classes

Beginners and recap sessions  – in this beginners class you will learn the basic board and sail handling , within four easy steps we’ll have you sailing. Our refresher class will go over the basic theories learned in your beginners class to help you have more confidence on the water.

Intermediate – This class is more advanced than our beginners class and is for individuals who are looking at improving their skills and would like to learn how to do a fast upwind turn and jibe ( downwind turn)

Advanced: This is an hour long class for more experienced wind surfer, wind dependent we will be practicing: foot straps, harness and water start. If the wind is light we will look at covering heli tack, clew first, non planning duck jibe and more freestyle tricks!

Windsurf Races 

Did you know The Classic Club La Santa is the longest standing race? The first race was held on Sunday 26th June 1983!

Beginners The race is a 500m regatta course in the lagoon, for beginners.

Advanced This race runs over 1900m on a regatta in the lagoon, any windsurf boards or sails are allowed for this race.