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Family Triathlon coach, Robin Brew is a frequent host of training camps and retreats here at Club La Santa. Robin is vastly experienced as a triathlon coach and has worked with athletes who have competed at the very highest level. We caught up with Robin and went through a Q and A to discuss the success of his triathlon training camps and give you an insight into his experience.

1) What did you enjoy the most when you participated yourself and what do you enjoy the most now that you are coaching?

After an amazing decade of International swimming where my highlights were competing at two Commonwealth Games, two European Championships and one Olympic Games where I captained the GBR Olympic Team and managed to break the Olympic record for the 200m Individual Medley, my natural instinct was to say what’s next? BBC Superstars came my way and I as a result of all my training for the Olympic Games it carried me through to win the UK and World Championships. Interestingly, I met Mark Allen, the reigning World Triathlon Champion during the World Superstars Series as he was one of the competitors. It was through my conversations with Mark that triathlon seemed a very natural progression for me. It was the combination of three challenging and highly demanding aerobic sports performed in succession that was appealing. Also, it was the accessibility of the sport, you could race against 100’s of people and in some events 1000’s of people at the same time. Triathlon is a great leveller, when you are well prepared you can push yourself harder than you ever thought possible.  It made training very interesting and racing, more so. I loved competing as a professional athlete around the globe and to race for GBR as part of the elite team at European and World Championships was an honour. I guess the most exciting thing for me was the unknown! When it went well it was like flying, and you felt like you were in total control. When it didn’t, it was completely the opposite! I viewed every mistake as an opportunity to learn, the optimism in me allowed me to return to training to fix things that needed fixing and to come out stronger next time. This approach served me well throughout the whole of my International career.

I have been a professional coach now for a long time and been privileged to work with many inspirational athletes who have gone on to win Olympic, Paralympic, World, European and Commonwealth medals. As a coach, there are many parallels that I draw on from my International career, but essentially, I love helping people. To make a difference to training by being objective about effort, technique, efficiency and speed and to provide technical information that can make the right difference at the right time is hugely rewarding. The level of the athlete or the ability is not what’s important to me. It’s the willingness to learn and then to apply the coaching feedback given, it’s the gradual ability to grow in confidence and to overcome one’s own fears that matter the most. People are inspirational at all levels once they set a personal challenge to improve.

2) What improvements could someone expect from the week? Can you provide any examples of possible improvements?

On the courses, people typically can take minutes off their 1500m swim times. Transitions will become slicker and faster. Improvement in cycling includes greater leg strength and technique leading to faster and more efficient running off the bike.  The more there is to improve the bigger the gains. The goal on all Robin Brew Sports camps is to identify what are the key factors to unlocking a great performance for each and every individual in the shortest possible time.

Importantly, everyone is different and we are able to caringly identify key coaching points that will make a significant difference both during the course and for race seasons itself.  We have developed great shortcuts to help quickly and effectively apply a change that is noticeable and lasting. Our technical approach applies to all disciplines including T1 and T2 transition skills and of course open water and wetsuit swimming.

3) How important can triathlon be to encourage families to be more active?

Triathlon is the new skiing! An opportunity for families to have a holiday where they can enjoy the great outdoors together.

Discerning families recognise the value of involving their children in meaningful exercise and triathlon could not be a better fit. We cater for all levels of ability and what is also great is that Club La Santa has the greatest accessible facilities in the world combined with some of the most stunning cycling and running routes. All this, combined with wonderful sunshine, make this a family holiday to remember.

4) Is there something special about helping families improve their triathlon technique?

It is a very special privilege to be in a position to make a difference to people’s lives in more ways than just physical training or conditioning. Our coaching goes much further and to see families come together and share a common challenge, and more importantly to help individuals grow in confidence and self-belief is truly wonderful. To see the improvement in a short period of time is the reward.  Our main priority is to ensure families have great fun as well of great structure and coaching. Many of our guests return year after year for one reason only, to enjoy precious family time doing something that they all really enjoy doing together.

5) Do you find that people come away from your camps more focused on triathlon?

I do believe our course members come away full of enthusiasm for triathlon. Over the years we have helped 100’s of course members gain selection for GBR Age Group teams from Sprint to Long Distance events around the world.

6) How does the video feedback work? What type of things can people expect to find out after receiving video feedback?

Video feedback is an essential part of all our courses and camps. Technology has advanced so much with the advent of GoPro cameras and powerful video analysis software on tablets and phones. Feedback needs to be instant and easily shared. We video daily and in all disciplines, whether it be an underwater head-on freestyle technique shot or the pedalling action on the bike in slow motion, or an analysis of running gait on the track session, we are always there with a camera to help provide a better perspective and greater understanding, also to demonstrate progress. Once the footage is captured we can easily share via e-mail or by airdrop or good old-fashioned memory sticks.

7) What do you regard as the most important element of the camp?

We are certainly unique. The Brew family have been involved with high-performance sport for nearly 4 decades. My father Archie coached myself and my brother Paul to the Olympic & Commonwealth Games and coaching is very much part of our DNA. We have been running successful courses at Club La Santa since 1989. My two sons Tom and Jamie are both GB National swimmers and Tom also compete on the Youth and GB Elite Super Series. Chloe Brew, my niece won a Silver medal representing GBR at the u/23 World Rowing Championships, and supporting everyone is my wife Liz who is a former British Swimming Team Physiotherapist with more than 15 years International experience.

We are proud to say that the most important element of our camps is how we engage with our course members. People always come first and we treat all our guest with the utmost respect and aim to provide them with the very best coaching support to achieve their own personal goals and aspirations. It helps that we create a fantastic environment surrounded by world-class facilities and world-class coaches with a wealth of experience and genuine warmth. All course members need to do is turn up and enjoy being at the centre of amazing coaching support and development.

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Date Posted: 14th June 2018


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