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TriLiving coach, Richard Hobson is a frequent host of triathlon training camps here at Club La Santa. We caught up with Richard and went through a Q and A to discuss the success of TriLiving and gain crucial insight into the world of triathlon training.

What do you enjoy the most about competing yourself and now that you are teaching?

I think the one thing that has always stood out most about competing and seeing other people compete is the huge satisfaction to achieving things that sometimes you never thought possible. Hard work and determination does reap rewards. Sometimes (and in the old days) it was about winning but now it is more about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. But I can honestly say now that watching my kids progress and develop in the sport is the best thing ever.

What improvements could a budding triathlon expect from the week? Can you provide any examples of possible improvements?

I think during a week or 10 day camp the main improvements that will happen while on the camp are those of technique, so gaining knowledge in all aspects of triathlon from technical aspects of swimming, biking and running but also things like transitions, equipment, training and nutrition. But going home from 10 days of hard training in a perfect location like Club La Santa with no distractions and better recovery, then they will get a massive training effect. They may need to wait 10 days to 2 weeks to really feel this as first they will need to recover.

Do you have timed efforts during the week to allow attendees to see if they have improved?

Yes we will have timed efforts in all disciplines and some stage, actually we need to use the clock to be able to train properly, but off course everything is optional as this is suppose to be a holiday too so it is all done in a fun, positive and motivational way.

How does the Video Analysis work? Can the attendees see before and after?

Video work in swimming is very important as really it is the only real way for athletes to see what they are doing right and what requires improvement. So we do try to video everyone and then feedback to them the things they need to work on. The key to understanding swim technique is to know what you are trying to do but at the same time you need to know what you are actually doing!

Why does the week work well before the Volcano race?

Having a hard training camp the week before a race is not really ideal prep but it is such an awesome way to finish the camp. So I set the programme to be weighted at the start of the week with the harder sessions and then gets easier going into the race. With the day before the race been very easy.

What are your thoughts on the Volcano race and Club La Santa?

Quite simply this is the best Olympic distance race in the world – I am a bit biased though! But doing a race which is on your doorstep is just awesome. You can just go from your apartment, set you bike in transition, go back to the apartment to use the loo and get sorted in your wetsuit and then just stroll down to the start. The race is on a great course and generates a great atmosphere but again once its over you can shower and head down to the pool bar or El Lago to swap and share stories and then enjoy a much needed sleep by the leisure pool:) Then in the evening we have a big dinner at La Plazza and enjoy the award ceremony.  This year will be my 29th Start in the race.

To join Richard at his training camp click here

Date Posted: 24th January 2018


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