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Pilates coach, Emma Gibbins is a frequent host of pilates training camps here at Club La Santa. We caught up with Emma and went through a Q and A to discuss the success of Pilates Week and gain crucial insight into the world of Pilates.

What do you enjoy most about the camps that you are teaching?

I most enjoy being able to work with the same small group for a whole week and to see the improvements they make. Normally here at CLS we work with such large groups that individual attention is not possible and people only stay for 1 or 2 weeks so you never really get to know people.

What improvements could someone expect from the week? Can you provide any examples of possible improvements?

In 1 week the main improvements I see are in body control and awareness, posture and psychological wellbeing. Posture is a huge problem in society today, we spend so much time sat at computers, slumped on the sofa and this negatively affects our posture and potentially cause a number of musculoskeletal problems. We specifically focus on posture in every single class, making the participants aware of how they stand and hold themselves so at the end of the week they feel taller and stronger.

You have a degree in Sports therapy. Has this helped with the basis of your camps?

My degree in Sports Therapy helps a lot as it provides me with a strong anatomical background and knowledge of injuries. Although I don’t actively practice as a Sports Therapist, that background knowledge influences every class I teach, it means I can adapt exercises to the individual with a variety of issues.

What do you regard as the most important element of the camp?

I think that the most important element of the camp is that people enjoy themselves and feel like they have made improvements throughout the week. In general, if people are happy and see/feel results they are more likely to continue with something that is good for them.

How important is it to get people to participate in camps like this?

These camps are great intensive kick start for people to get into something new or make big improvements in a short time. It can inspire them to make positive changes to their lifestyle.

Do the camps vary in intensity?

The camp is aimed at beginners to intermediate which covers quite a wide variety of levels. I always try and make every class I teach suitable for all levels by giving options, starting with the easiest and progressing through the hardest so everyone feels that they accommodated for and gets a good workout.

Camps like this are great for physical fitness. But do you also find that your camps can help people mentally?

I believe that the psychological aspect can be very significant. Some of the main focuses of pilates are concentration and centering this means people should be focusing on their body in the moment. In the world we live in today, our minds are constantly active, worrying about the future, focusing on problems etc. any time that we spend just focusing on ourselves, on our bodies, on our well-being, on the present moment are fantastic for our psychological health.

To join Emma at Pilates week click here

Date Posted: 21st March 2018

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  • I always enjoy Emma's classes. They are one not to miss. By far the best on offer at La Santa.
    Written by Moira farrelly, 23rd March 2018 - Reply


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