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TriLiving coach, Richard Hobson is a frequent host of triathlon training camps here at Club La Santa. We caught up with Richard and went through a Q and A to discuss the success of TriLiving and gain crucial insight into the world of warm weather triathlon training camps.

What did you enjoy most when you competed and what do you know enjoy the most when you are coaching?

“I guess it is amazing that I have now been competing and coaching in the sport for over 30 years. I have always loved competing and think I always will but in the old days it was all about trying to win and get faster¬†whereas now its about just enjoying being competitive and trying not to get much slower ūüôā But I would say that now I get more enjoyment out of watching my family race and do well, than I do competing myself.

The coaching has gone through quite a big cycle really as I started out as doing it alongside racing as a pro and then it moved on to full time, then a bit “full on” working for the then BTA and taking two girls to the Athens Olympics! It’s now a much¬†healthier¬†balance of coaching, organising training camps, racing and running our family¬†orientated¬†Holiday business here in the Charente Maritime region of France.”

What improvements could someone expect to see from a warm weather training camp?

“The big advantages of going onto a training camp during the winter, are that the¬†athletes get to train in great conditions rather than the cold, so they can train¬†a lot harder and more effectively. Add to this, that they will train with other like minded and motivated¬†athletes using Club La Santa‚Äôs world class facilities and they will receive expert guidance and coaching from the Triliving team! Together, this is the perfect combination for a perfect training environment. ”

“Instant improvements will be seen with changes and improvements to skills and techniques, The training¬†benefit of a great week to 10 days of solid training will be seen in the weeks after but the real improvements will come as the athletes go away and build on what they have¬†learnt.”

What’s the benefit of having a warm weather training camp before a big race?

“The main¬†benefits¬†are that you get perfect conditions, perfect facilities you have none of the¬†normal¬†stresses or distractions of your normal life! Also no¬†wasted¬†time traveling to and from sessions. You have time to train and time to relax.”


Do you find that your camps bring people together and help to create a community spirit on holiday?

“They¬†definitely¬†do. Its really amazing and lovely how people from my camps keep in touch, meet up at races and often meet up again on my camps. There have been many great¬†friendships formed and even some weddings.”


Do your camps benefit the participants physical and mental wellbeing?

“There is something very special about getting away from everything which¬†obviously includes work / daily stresses and the bad weather and just mixing with like minded people and training hard. There is no other place in the world that you¬†literally get of the plane and just feel your excitement and motivation to train go through the roof. I can’t explain it but after travelling to Club La Santa for over 30 years my¬†excitement still increases every time. It just makes everyone feel great and uplifted”

If you want to experience the expert coaching of TriLiving coach Richard Hobson and prepare for your next triathlon event at the world’s number one active holiday resort, you’ll be pleased to know that Richard has two camps at Club La Santa in 2019!

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Date Posted: 23rd October 2018


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