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It’s very easy at a challenging time like this with COVID19 to lose motivation and focus. Mindset is so important and looking at this time as one to reboot and refocus and do training that you haven’t proceeded or focused on.

Swim – We know you can’t replace the feel for the water but you can do so much to keep those muscle’s doing what they need to for your return to the water. I am a great believer in flexibility and strength and have personally made that commitment to focus on both of these area’s over the coming weeks and possibly months. You can use resistance bands, body weight exercise such as press ups, triceps dips and if you are very fortunate a swim bench. Like any plans for success make what you are doing progressive and structured. We have a dedicated set of swim strength and conditioning exercise and plans you can do at Her Spirit with Coach Mel Young.

Bike – The good news in the UK is we can still get out on the road but please obey the government guidelines about not riding in groups etc. We have two dedicated indoor cycling with British Cycling qualified coach Michelle Sharland. Many of you will have a turbo and don’t have the money to subscribe to platforms like Zwift, so we coach through our LIVE sessions on a Tuesday at 7.30am and Thursday at 6pm. Come and join us and dig out that turbo trainer that has sat in the garage for years and combine it with riding outside. If training is not a problem then why not get mechanical and learn new skills such as changing tyres, indexing gears etc.

Run – Let’s get technical as we tend to neglect it over distance and/or time. I know many athletes I support are poor technically and I put myself in this box also! At Her Spirit we have a great ‘Learn To Run’ program and many running drills through our coach Jon Cowell who has supported many athletes.

Strong – functional strength and single leg or arm movement is a brilliant area to focus on. The sport we all do of triathlon is all single leg movement with momentum. So let’s use this time to get strong for all three disciplines. We have talked about swimming and the same is the case for bike and run. We have two  dedicated strength sessions aimed at single leg movement with coach Mel Young.

Flexible – again we tend to miss this out and if we are lucky do a bit it stretching or yoga. Again use the time to get more mobile as it will make a difference when you get back into racing or training in a way you used to. We work with Rachel France from iMoveFeely and again feel it’s a much, they have definitely stuck me back together in the past. Yoga is brilliant too and we have dedicated sessions from Coach Sophie and Rachel.


For all females…accessing all this FREE content till the 30th June is easy – sign up and download the Her Spirit app.

Need inspiration – Listen to our weekly podcasts with Dr Zoe Williams, Deborah James, Lucy Gossage and many more phenomenal women. You can listen to all the episodes at https://www.buzzsprout.com/246767



About Her Spirit

Her Spirit was founded by Mel Berry and Holly Woodford to challenge a diet and fitness industry that is failing women and absolutely needs to change.  Two ordinary women with a strong mission, but the industry is big, well established and we can’t do this alone! We started Her Spirit to help galvanise friends, family, colleagues and women across the globe to collectively shout out and prove it doesn’t have to be this way. We want to change the diet and fitness industry for us and future generations of young women who are already being affected by fear of judgment, poor body image and low self esteem.  We believe together we can make this change.

Through our vibrant on and offline community Her Spirit harnesses the collective power of real women to help each other take small steps towards creating healthier habits for life and not just 30 days!   We want you to find what makes you happy, healthy and achieve things you never thought possible. All of our images, educational content and stories are genuine and from ordinary women, just like us. There is no right or wrong way to feel or to live a healthier and happier life.

Her Spirit is for EVERY woman and we literally want every woman to join! When you buy an annual membership we gift a membership to a woman who couldn’t afford to join. We work directly with organisations that support women in deprived communities to ensure your membership reaches women that most need it. Our aim is to help change the lives of 1 million women by 2022


Date Posted: 2nd April 2020


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