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Bodyworks instructor, Mel Thomas is a frequent host of training camps and retreats here at Club La Santa. Mel is a vastly experienced fitness instructor an has been in sports for over 30 years, having competed at both national and international levels in boxing and American Football. He is a fitness instructor teaching across many areas; Indoor cycling, Interval (Insanity) Training and Boxing to name a few. We caught up with Mel and went through a Q and A to discuss the success of his Bodyworks Week at Club La Santa.

Q1) What can someone expect from attending Bodyworks week?

Hi folks, Bodyworks Week offers a variety of different activities that can either kick-start your fitness journey or enhance your current training. I’ll provide the energy and encouragement to get on track for the health goals you may have or to achieve physical goals you’ve always wanted reach. However if you just love to have fun in the sun and meet like minded people this is an ideal week for it, having a great time and getting healthy.

Q2) How important is high intensity training? What are the benefits of participating in exercise classes such as this?

HIIT training as it’s termed is a great way of getting healthy. It requires the body to work at a higher level meaning that the heart and lungs must work harder. As a result when people that HIIT train partake in other activities their performance is improved. Done properly it can reduce body fat quickly and the bodies increase lean muscle mass. The mistake that is made is trying to HIIT train for periods that are too long without enough rest. HIIT is done over short periods (7-30 seconds) with sufficient rest in between to allow for best performance. However it has to be remembered that you can not out train a poor diet and both go hand in hand.

Q3) Does bodyworks week have a sense of community spirit? Do you find people enjoy doing group activities whilst on holiday?

Bodyworks Week is into its 6th year and we have attendees that come back year after year for the fun and variety it provides. This has resulted in other Bodyworks Camps in Denmark and more people coming to CLS as a result. There are open classes that non Bodyworks Week people can attend and these have been a great success which have resulted in people joining the week. The variety of classes is what makes it so popular and I’m eternally grateful to the fellow instructors that I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years.

Q4) What do you like about providing camps at Club La Santa? Is it beneficial to be able to train outdoors?

I feel privileged to be in the position that I’m in delivering Bodyworks Week. CLS is the worlds number one fitness resort. The equipment and facilities are amazing, when you talk to people in the fitness world it’s a venue that many would wish to teach at. I like the fact that I have the opportunity to teach guests of all ages and abilities and rub shoulders with top class athletes. We’re always encouraged to exercise outdoors wherever we are and CLS exemplifies this. It’s the perfect setting for outdoor activities in the fresh air and great weather. The facilities and equipment are second to none with top class audio systems that enhance the experience for the guests.

Q5) Which elements of the camp are most popular with people who participate?

To be honest all of the elements are popular due to the variety, whether it be indoor cycling, Metapower or swim fit training. Insanity seems to be a favourite with many however near enough everyone who signs up for the week will attend all of the sessions. There are situations where people have selected the activities that they most like and missed others which works well for them as they may not have the physical ability to complete more classes or choose to do classes from the CLS timetable that complement their needs.

Mel Thomas Bodyworks week

Q6) You have over 30 years of experience in the sporting world, what do you enjoy most about participating in sport and being active?

Been active keeps you feeling young and happy. It’s well known that participating in physical activities can release the “happy” chemicals that improve mood and assist greatly in healthy mental wellbeing. Sport and fitness training has taken me all over the world representing my country and presenting. Been in a position to work with people of different nationalities has been a privilege.

Q7) You’re camps seem to create a positive mentality, do you feel that people return home feeling better physically and mentally after participating in your camp?

The feedback that I’ve had has been tremendous. Attendees have contacted me telling me about the physical achievements they’ve completed such as half marathons, joining groups such as CrossFit and completing triathlons. One attendee was struggling with her fitness, as a result of Bodyworks Week she completely transformed herself and in doing so is now a serving police officer.

Bodyworks Week 2019 promises to be even better with the addition of BodyPower model and Les Mills Master Instructor Nicki Tadman.

So if you want to experience some HIIT in the Lanzarote sunshine at the world’s number one active holiday resort, join Mel at his next Bodyworks Week by clicking here.


Date Posted: 5th September 2018


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