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At Club La Santa we know that a perfect active holiday also needs a balance of rest and relaxation, so you’ll also find plenty of options which allow your mind to disconnect and your body to recover, before you take on your next active pursuit.


Yoga is a popular activity all around the world and at Club La Santa we offer three sessions per week, offering an hour of relaxation and an introduction to this practice. The classes are based on Hatha Yoga and teach a variety of postures called “Asanas”, improving muscle firmness and elasticity through stretching and breathing exercises.

Our instructor, Steve Rendu, is a devoted yoga practitioner and has been practising for eight years: “I went to India in 2005 for a six yoga month course, followed by another four month course in 2006. At the end of that year I started teaching  yoga at Club La Santa.” In addition to the three weekly classes at the hotel, Steve practices yoga at least three times per day, due to the mental and physical benefits: “I had a back injury, caused by playing rugby when I was young, as well as shoulder pain, and yoga has helped me to overcome that. My flexibility has improved enormously and practicing meditation I has brought me inner peace, helping me to focus and calm my very active mind.”

Steve believes that yoga can definitely benefit our guests: “The classes are for beginners, so it’s difficult to go too deep inside the yoga practice because for many, it´s their first time. At the beginning of the class I help make them relax with some basic breathing techniques, some will have come straight from doing sports beforehand and it helps them to calm down, followed by some yoga postures to stretch the muscles and relax the body. Towards the end, we finish with a little meditation exercise to free the mind to leave the guest completely relaxed both physically and mentally.”

One of our guests stated after a session: “It’s my first time practicing yoga and I will definitely do it again, I came from training at the gym and it has helped me to stretch and relax myself both physically and mentally.” Not all of them are first timers, however, another experienced practitioner told us “the place and the surroundings are perfect, under the sun, next to the sea and with the breeze it’s easy to relax yourself and forget about everything.”


Why not give yoga at Club La Santa a try? We offer three classes per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12.00 in the 5-a-side pitch.

If you choose to visit us as a group, we are very pleased to offer the following offers. If you book a full package with us (flight & accommodation) we offer 1 free place in 20. Please note this is for a minimum of a 7 night booking only.
If you decide to book just accommodation only, we offer a 1 free apartment in every 15 apartments that you book. This again is based on a minimum 7 night stay bookings only.
We also offer a free goodie bag when apartments are booked within our early bird offer. Please call our team on 0161 703 5815 for more details about this. Please also note this is only valid on bookings with a 7 nights stay or longer. The goodie bags that you can choose from are as follows:

Swimming groups:
Bag, swim cap, lanyard and water bottle, 6 x 4 photo
Running groups:
Bag, running cap, lanyard and water bottle, 6 x 4 photo
Triathlon and school/college groups:
Can choose from either of the above.
We look forward to welcoming you and your group to Club La Santa!

Aerial Yoga is a combination of Yoga principles and circus-fit. The training takes place in hammocks with both strength and flexibility training. Aerial Yoga gives the ability to defy gravity and hover in different poses. The class ends with a short relaxation in the hammock.


JUNE 2020

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