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A great way to start the day! Taiji, also known as Tai Chi, is an ancient therapeutic exercise linked to Chinese Medicine and is often practised for its health benefits. The practice of Taijo Qigong dates back even further, and was practised by ancient Taoists as they believed it enabled them to improve their health and live longer.


Tomas Navas first started practising Taiji-Qigong fifteen years ago, and has been teaching at Club La Santa for just under two years. Twice a week, in the early morning sunshine on a terrace overlooking the pool and the ocean, guests can come along and awaken the mind and body along with Tomas’s careful instruction.

“Tiaji-Qigong works essentially to improve the flow of our body’s own life energy, or “Qi” as it’s called in Chinese philosophy. It consists of slow, relaxed movements which encourage the flow of energy through our bodies. The practice is actually a well-being workout, focussing 70% on the mind and 30% on the body” according to Tomas.

The classes at Club La Santa attract a range of different guests, from active people who want to maintain mobility and strength to older guests who take part to keep flexible and maintain well-being.

“I always come to the classes when I’m at Club La Santa” said Hanne, a Danish guest taking part in one of this week’s sessions, “it’s a lovely way to start the day and I feel so refreshed afterwards. I come for the first session, but usually stay on for the second because it makes me feel so good.”

“The practice of Taiji-Qigong helps to avoid a long list of ailments and diseases”, Tomas affirms:

– Lower blood pressure
– Stress relief
– Joint flexibility
– Improved breathing
– Improved physical strength and endurance
– Improved balance, helps to prevent falls in older people
– Increased bone density, prevention against osteoporosis
– Decrease heart rate
– Improved function of immune system

Taiji-Qigopng classes are currently running at 08.30 (Introduction) and 09.15 (continuation) on Mondays and Wednesdays, though always check our Weekly programme for any changes.

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We look forward to welcoming you and your group to Club La Santa!



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