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Body Biking and Virtual Sport Cycling Body Biking sessions are available. This activity is a brand new state of the art Heart Rate training class which allows you to see how hard you are working and gives you the best spinning workout you will ever experience

Body biking also known as Spinning is a squad style session, combining music with aerobic and anaerobic exercise, finishing with a thorough cool down and stretch. The participants sit on specially designed stationary bikes situated in a purpose built room in the Fitness Centre, in a session lead by a Green Team instructor.
The instructor will give guidelines for resistance, which you adjust yourself during the class. Join our sessions and spin to the fast rhythms of modern motivational music. We offer both standard Body Bike classes and classes which are lead using the Virtual Sport Cycling system. This is an advanced training tool using heart rate monitoring to control your workout.
You can rent a pair of body bike shoes for a small fee from Sports Booking; we recommend you reserve them in advance of the class.

We offer a variety of Body Bike classes aimed at different levels. You must sign up for these classes in Sports Booking and arrive at the class no later than 5 minutes prior to the posted start time as we operate a waiting list system whereby guests may be allowed to take your place if you have not shown up by this time. The minimum age for participants is 15 years.

This is the easiest class available. The whole class will last 45 minutes consisting of: 5 minute introduction/setup, 35 minute format class, 5 minute cool down/stretch.
During the first 5 minutes the instructor will demonstrate how to setup and operate the bike. If you are new to fitness biking you should inform the instructor immediately upon arrival. The 35 minute class will have regular breaks in order to get a drink and recover. You MUST bring water with you, towels are available in the gym.
This class is designed as a progression from beginners. The class lasts 50 minutes in total and this consists of a 45minute workout followed by a 5 minute cool down/stretch.
The workout has fewer breaks and is also at a higher intensity than the beginners’ class. In order to take part in this class you MUST have done indoor cycling before!
The advanced class is the progression from intermediate. It is important that you have done indoor cycling before and you have a relatively high level of fitness. The class is 1 hour in length; 55 minutes workout with a 5 minute cool down/stretch.
The workout has very few breaks if not none and is of a very high intensity. A mixture of heavy hills, intervals and sprints should be expected.

Heart Rate Training at its best! This revolution in indoor cycling allows you and the instructor to track how hard you are working and adjust your workout accordingly. This class will challenge you physically as well as educating you in how to control your heart rate more effectively. This class is for experienced participants only. Please bring a token with you to the class in order to obtain the heart rate belt.

Body Bike classes are held daily, please see the weekly programme for more information.

Body Bike Personal Instructions are only available for groups. Please make a request through the Sales Office or Groups Department in advance of your arrival, as there are a limited number of instructors available.



JUNE 2020

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