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Meet Sally Walker during your stay and get an overview of your hormonal state.

The Goodlife” offers a holistic service which aims to enhance your weight, strength and performance, hormone balance and much more.

Sally Walker is a Chartered Society Physiotherapist with more than 35 years experience and subsequently studied nutrition, acupuncture, functional biochemistry and coaching.

Contact Sally via email on sw@sally-walker.com or visit her website: www.sally-walker.com

Hormones like testosterone, estrogen cortisol, thyroid and insulin dictate your weight, body composition, performance, recovery, mental capacity, mood, looks, figure and much more.

During your stay you can join one of Sally’s workshops or book a personal profiling session so you can get the strategies you need to reach your goals.

Workshop – Change your Body Shape – €15

Do you want to burn tummy fat and get that flat stomach?

Do you want to increase muscle mass, strength and performance?

Do you need to increase bone mass or just maintain it?

Then the Change your Body Shape workshop is for you.

During the 60 minutes you get a picture of your fat burning and muscle / bone building ability and a plan to improve.

These functions are dictated by hormones, Sally will tell you how to turn on your anabolic hormones.

 Workshop – Women Know Your Hormones – €15

Hormone balance from puberty to menopause and beyond

Do you have problems with PMS?

Do you suffer with menstrual migraines?

Is your cycle all over the place?

Are you suffering with menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, heavy bleeds, putting on weight for no reason, mood swings, aches and pains, feeling like you’re 80, etc.?

Are you considering HRT but are afraid because of breast cancer?

How do you keep strong and sexy after menopause?

During the 90 minutes all these areas and many more will be looked at and tips given to help you balance / increase your hormones.

You will also receive a hormone questionnaire so you can track you imbalances.

This is a very important talk but only for those of you that are concerned about your female health and vitality.

What people are saying about the workshops:

“First time I really understand why my body is doing what its doing and how to fix it – thank you”

“Sally empowers you with information you can take home and use and get the results you want”

“Wow I learned so much – thank you”

 For more information and booking check the CLS app under Sport & Health Lectures

 Free Talk – Food, Health & Performance with Sally Walker

Date Posted: 20th February 2020


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