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With less than 200 days to go until the Virgin Money London Marathon 2020, it’s time to start thinking about your marathon training, join Robin Brew and his team of experts for a Marathon Training Camp to prepare you for the 2020 spring marathon season.

Robin Brew Sports has been running international training and coaching camps for more than three decades and he has a wealth of experience in the organisation and delivery of outstanding coaching.

Whatever your ability or experience you will find the Warm Weather Marathon Training Camp a valuable and hugely enjoyable experience and one that is likely to put you on the start line feeling excited and prepared to run your marathon!

We discussed the up and coming training camp with Robin.


Q1) What technical aspects can someone expect to improve on and why are these important for marathon running?

 We aim to help runners identify what is missing and how to optimise training It all goes a long way to help runners get back on track.

We find many of the runners asking about their own limiting factors such as: “I don’t seem to be able to get faster no matter how much training,” or “I’m always injured” are very common. We focus on the importance of technique skill, mobility and strength training.

Confidence grows when you know you are doing the right training. It also helps you to take your performances to the next level without fear of injury. All our camps use video analysis during key sessions to ensure technique is highlighted and areas for improvement can be addressed.

Running efficiently and at the correct pace is part and parcel of improving performance.


Q2) What’s unique about these warm weather camps and how can they help runners with their training?

Yes, Robin Brew Sports have been running a range of coaching & training camps for more than 30 years in Lanzarote and other warm weather venues.

Runners have joined us at Club La Santa this last year from the UK and Europe with a main goal to improve their running for marathons, half marathons and 10k’s. We have found that runners are benefiting from the value-added training which complements their schedules.

Our course programme incorporates a great deal of technique and skill training with the use of video analysis.

We have also noticed many runners are quite inflexible and are prone to injury, so our highly experienced in-house physio’s and coaches ensure that our mobility and activation programmes pre and post runs along with an integrated strengthening programme (gym, yoga, Pilates, swimming) helps to improve specific running mobility and strength. There’s a possibility of 20-30% gains in performance as a result, these fundamental aspects into training on a regular basis without stressing the body with high mileage.


 Q3) What are the benefits of warm weather training?

 Warm weather conditions are ideal for getting in the consistency of training. Environments like Lanzarote and Club La Santa have some of the most idyllic running trails in the world, miles and miles of soft sandy trails ensure that impact on the joints is minimised. Temperatures ranging from 24-30 degrees are great for keeping muscles loose and relaxed especially during pre-run mobility and activation and post run stretching.



Q4) Why should runners consider including a warm weather training camp as part of their training?

For those racing marathons or longer runs in warm weather conditions, acclimatisation is key. It is important to first-hand experience the effects on your body and understanding how your body works in the heat and humidity. As a result, athletes have a better understanding of the benefits of having a well-planned hydration, cooling and energy strategy that can play a big part in optimising performance and preventing disasters.


 Q5) Do you feel that warm weather training is better when done as a group?

 Interestingly, when groups of runners come together something special happens. The runs become more rhythmical, everyone is chatting on longer runs ensure the pace is appropriate. The quality work becomes more motivating as you have others supporting you, challenging you and working with you all with the same goal, to improve. In warm weather, everyone is happy. Blue sky has an amazing effect on the soul, not to mention vital vitamin D.


Q6) Why do like using Lanzarote and in particular why do you like using Club La Santa for your warm weather training camps?

 Without doubt Lanzarote and Club La Santa are amongst the very best places in the world to train. The island is far enough south to benefit from all year-round warmth, with temperatures still reaching 25C in December!

Club La Santa has incredible facilities and its location provides the perfect base for athletes and families alike. You can actually have a family holiday as well as a much focused training camp to boost performance and knowledge. More than that, Club La Santa has an ambiance that is unique and once visited it is very hard to then go somewhere else as nothing quite compares.

Robin’s Marathon Training Camp takes place from 30th January 2020 – 6th February 2020 so it’s ideally placed in preparation for the start of the 2020 marathon season. You can join Robin and his team at Club La Santa by booking the camp here!


Date Posted: 8th October 2019


  • I am looking to get sub 3.15 in London marathon next year (2020), this year 3.21. Looking for ways of getting to my target, i'm 62 year old female. Would like to find out what the Club Santa Marathon week is all about. Nanette Heaney
    Written by nanette heaney, 6th December 2019 - Reply
  • Hi Nanette, That is great best of luck! We have the following marathon camps available: https://www.clublasanta.co.uk/event/marathon-training-camp-with-robin-brew-2020/ If you'd like to ring up the team they'll be happy to give you more information and talk about the other activities at Club La Santa which can help you get your best marathon time yet!
    Written by Rebecca Wallace, 9th December 2019 - Reply


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