Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Club La Santa aims to stay at the forefront of sustainable tourism.

Club La Santa opened in 1983, and in 2003 a request was made for an expansion of the facilities. It took 11 years before this was implemented and built – mostly because of bureaucratic obstacles. However, those barriers had the advantage that in the intervening period, the Spanish property market developed and matured. Today Club La Santa fulfils the Spanish national standards for sustainable construction and in the field of technology, Club La Santa also has the best technology in terms of achieving the goal of energy efficiency and savings in the long term.

The hotel facilities were designed with the latest standards of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Renewable energy has been incorporated into our new development, which helps to optimise energy resources and minimise the fossil CO2 emissions and overall, the hotel is considered a “green hotel”.

Below are some measurements that, together with the benefits of solar panels in use at Club La Santa, have contributed to us having achieved ENERGY CERTIFICATION “A”.

By using geothermal heat pumps, heat can be obtained directly from Lanzarote’s subsoil. A heating capacity of 3,275 kWp and/or cold with a cooling capacity of 2,800 KWF can be generated. This is the biggest geothermal installation in the Canary Islands and Spain, and probably the largest in Europe.

The heat from these renewable energy sources is used to heat the two new 50m swimming pools, to heat the new suites and also to generate hot water for the existing hotel. During the hotter seasons this energy can be converted into cold and used to supply air conditioning in the new suites.

Solar energy

Club La Santa has 855 m2 (407 solar panels), located on the roof of the hall on top of the squash hall and various other buildings. This energy generated is used to produce hot water for domestic use as well as for heating the 50m pools Olympic swimming pools.

The heated pools are of course covered by a removable cover at night and during any periods where they are not being used. This means a considerable reduction of heat loss associated with evaporation.

Energy efficient lighting

Over 90% of the new lights at Club La Santa are LED lamps. In all the indoor green areas, a lighting control system has been installed that ensures that there is only light on for certain periods of the day.

Water and waste management

When water is changed in the pools, the water is stored in a tank and reused. After sedimentation and filtration, it is used for flushing toilets and urinals.

Waste water from the hotel is collected and transported to a modern public treatment plant that was recently built in the village of La Santa. The cleaned water will then once again come to the hotel, where it is stored in a cistern and reused for watering the green areas.

All waste at Club La Santa is recyclable and sorted by glass, plastic, paper, etc. The waste is stored in separate containers that are not visible to prevent odours and subsequently sent to the municipal waste dump.