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Abrakadabra and bipe di boom” -are the words Mr. Josverd pronounces when playing the buffoon.

Every second Sunday night, there is magic in the air at the Square, when Josverd Jr. and his lovely assistant Evy, perform their magic show for our many guests. The show has got hand tricks, artistry, metal rings of illusion, swords, a lady who gets sawn in half, pidgins, a pink rabbit and a little touch of fun and jests.

You may think that you are able to spot the little details behind the hand tricks or guess how the strings of illusion are cut over and put together with a simple blow, but no no…it isn’t what it looks like. Because Mr. Josverd is a real magician, who knows his profession. And a true illusionist is faster than the eye and always has something up his sleeve.

According to Josverd himself, being a good magician is not only about deceiving people, it is also about winning their trust and surprising them in unexpected situations and in points when they think that you have actually failed.

Acting and good showmanship are the key words within his sphere, where magic isn’t so much about what you perform, but the way you do it. Because the show actually used to be performed by another great Mr. Josverd magician, who had his own special way of performing.

“Having to take over for the old Josverd Sr., I felt a great responsibility because he had been performing on the island for the past twenty years. Many of the guests at CLS knew his show, which was one of the highlights of their holidays, and I knew that I could never do it the way he did it (simply because I’m not him).” – Josverd says

“So I had to find a way to adapt the show to my own personality, which by the name Josverd, Jr., got a whole new sense in itself. Because I found out that the most important thing on stage is to have a unique personality and built up a special character that is different and intriguing.”

In Josverd’s particular case, the character is quite light hearted, sometimes clumsy, and a bit naïve. But he always gets around the mistakes and has the physical appearance to serve his character.
“I dress in a simple way, with a classy black magician suit to keep a low profile, in order to keep the attention on the performance.”

The new show is structurally built up the same way, using Mr. Josverd Sr.‘s originality and simple approach, but a few small tricks have been changed, as well as the music and the jokes.
But no matter what you expect from the show, you will surely get positively surprised. Watching a show with character, technique, slow and goofy performance, and a very outstanding “self developed” personal touch of entertainment.

The Children here at the Club are especially fond of the show, because they usually always get to go a little backstage afterwards, to see the big swards or touch the special pink rabbit –which is quite a sight and a little of a mystery for even the elder generation.

A certain part of the Club La Santa Spirit, which is represented in our special song by the words “no matter if you’re young or old”, might be the perfect conclusion of the description of the Josverd Jr. Magic Show, which as previously mentioned, can be seen every second Sunday at the Square.

So come along, bring you family down, and have a drink at the Sports Café, (or order a table in La bodega, if you wish to dine during the show), while you let yourself be entertained, by a really special magic man!

Date Posted: 18th July 2005

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