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28th April 2018

Welcome to the Volcano Triathlon, a classic event since 1985 enhanced by the presence of many World Champions. Be a part of this challenging Olympic distance triathlon and rub shoulders with the best European Triathletes.

Cycling around the Volcanoes of Lanzarote


1,5km Swim Course (Cut off: 1 hr after race start)
A clearly market course in the calm, salt water lagoon at Club La Santa. The water temperature is approx. 21º C and wetsuits are permitted.

40km Bike Course (Cut off: 3hr 30m after race start)
Two loops course. Participants ride towards Caleta de Caballo, Soo and Caleta de Famara. No Drafting.

10km Run Course (Cut off: 4hr 30m after race start)
A 2 loop course starting and finishing at the Stadium. Leaving the Stadium participants turn left and continue around La Santa lagoon until the turn point, running back the same way. They repeat the same course one more time to complete the 10km.

Individual athlete’s Registration

Price until April 15th 2018:
Individual competitor’s fee: 60 Euros
Click here to register

Price from April 16th-25th 2018 – registration closes on the 25th, 12:00 GMT:
Individual competitor’s fee: 70 Euros

Payment of the entry fee is by MasterCard or Visa only. It is not possible to defer the slot to another year or another athlete.

Withdrawal & refund policy
Withdrawals should be notified in written to: events@clublasanta.com

Refund of entry fee:
50% before 01.04.18
0% after 01.04.18

Refund of Pasta party tickets:
100% before 01.04.18
0% after 01.04.18

Relay Teams

Relay Teams must be all male/ female or mixed and made up of three participants, one for each discipline.

Price until April 15th 2018:
Relay Team fee: 100 Euros

Price from April 16th-26th 2018 – subject to availability:
Relay Team fee: 110 Euros

Payment of the entry fee for relay teams will be upon the race pack collection, at Club La Santa (please note that this only applies to relay teams). It is not possible to defer the slot to another year or another athlete.

Register your team here

Relay Exchange Rules
The team ChampionChip will act as the race baton and be exchanged between each team member in the Transition Zone.
The ChampionChip must be worn on the left ankle in all 3 disciplines.
Each stage member must attach the timing chip to his left ankle before the start of his discipline within the Transition Zone.
The next designated stage member may assist the incoming stage member with removing the chip and reattaching it to his own ankle only when the first one has passed the timing mats in the Transition Zone.

Awards for the Relay Triathlon
Finisher T-Shirt and medal for member of the team.
Trophies to the winning team in each category



Friday, April 27th
15.00-19.00 Race pack collection, the Square, Club La Santa
18.30-21.30 Pasta Party, Restaurant Atlántico (participants are invited)
19.00 Pre-Race meeting, the Square

Saturday, April 28th – Race day* Club La Santa
08.00- 09.30 Check-in: bike, cycle and running gear, Stadium
10.00 Race start for individual male participants
10.05 Race start for individual female participants & Relay Teams
12.30-15.30 Masseurs service for participants, the Square
20.30 Award ceremony, Volcano Video, the Square
followed by Live Music and Dance, CLS ARENA (Disco)

Please note that if you want to rent a Club La Santa bike rather than taking your own, you will have to arrange this separately with Club La Santa UK prior to departure. The price for a bike is around 98 € per week or 25 € a day. It is advisable to book these bikes at time of booking and will be subject to availabilty


Individual athlete’s Registration

Registration will open soon here:

Price until April 15th 2018:
Individual competitor’s fee: 60 Euros

Price from April 16th-26th 2018 – registration closes on the 26th, 12:00 GMT:
Individual competitor’s fee: 70 Euros

Payment of the entry fee is by MasterCard or Visa only.
Additionally you can book and pay your travel arrangements with your nearest Club La Santa office/agency.


General Rules:

  • The ITU (International Triathlon Union) Competition Rules must be followed
  • You must wear a clearly visible start number on the front and back of your racing kit and on the left and front side of your helmet
  • Normal traffic rules must be obeyed (traffic is open)
  • Drafting is not allowed
  • The use of the wetsuit is recommended
  • It is obligatory for the athlete to stop in the penalty box (inside the transition zone) when shown a blue card


The MyLaps ChampionChip is the official timing system. Full medical care will be available during the event.
Club La Santa reserves the right to cancel or change the event.

We advise if you wish to pre book a bike from the resort to do it well in advance as the bikes do get fully booked. Please visit here >>>



Withdrawals should be notified in writing to: events@clublasanta.com

Refund of entry fee:
50% before 01.04.18
0% after 01.04.18

Refund of Pasta party tickets
100% before 01.04.18
0% after 01.04.18

It is not possible to defer the slot to another year or another athlete.

Date Posted: 11th May 2017


  • Thanks again for a great race this year. What is the date for the 2016 Volcano triathlon? Want to organise my next years holiday at CLS.. Cheers Liz
    Written by Liz Dunlop, 15th June 2015 - Reply
    • Hi Liz, great to hear you had a good time! Next year it will take place on the 30th April! Hope to see you again! Club La Santa UK
      Written by Club La Santa, 24th June 2015 - Reply
      • Just booking as have had recurring knee injury..but just got to do it, even if I have to walk the run..
        Written by Liz Dunlop, 30th March 2016 - Reply
  • My favourite Triathlon. 2016 will be my 5th year. My sister, friend and I love the whole event, atmosphere, supporters amazing and Kenneth is the most wonderful host.
    Written by Sandy Donnelly, 2nd August 2015 - Reply
  • Hi, I would like to make this my first full Triathlon, looking at booking for 2017, how far in advance can I book. Many thanks Richard
    Written by Richard Hopkins, 5th October 2015 - Reply
  • Can tt bikes be used or is it road bikes only ?
    Written by Ray, 23rd January 2016 - Reply
    • Hi Ray, Many thanks for your comment. Please could you email sara@clublasanta.com regarding the above. Many thanks, Club La Santa UK
      Written by Club La Santa, 2nd February 2016 - Reply
    • TT bikes are fine.. I've used mine every time I've done it.. The first year I did it the smallest gear I had was 39/25, but then I changed to 39/28.. This was better for the hill up to tequise.. Hills aren't huge...and the downhills are great for TT.. It's a nice undulating course...with long steady uphills and long downhills(out and back)..
      Written by Liz Dunlop, 30th March 2016 - Reply
  • I am confused about the race number rule. I was disqualified for wearing my race number under my wetsuit during the swim. I questioned this but was told three times I was definitely disqualified for doing this, so I stopped racing after the swim. I don't want to make this mistake again so I won't wear my race number under my wetsuit next year but I feel the official was wrong this year. ITU rules (I think ETU and ITU rules are the same)? state: Rule number 2.9. Race numbers: c.) Official race numbers may be worn in the bike and wetsuit swim segments;
    Written by Ann Lonie, 4th May 2016 - Reply
    • Hi Ann, Please can you email sara@clublasanta.com for more information on this. many thanks, Jade
      Written by Club La Santa, 10th May 2016 - Reply
  • Hi Anne. When I came out of the swim, I also was disqualified. After a few minutes arguing I decided to continue with my race. On finishing I realised I had lost out on the 60-64 category due to the DQ. However, I disputed this with the race referee etc.. showed the ITU and ETU rules on my iPad.. they therefore had to reinstate all DQ'd triathletes. It was because this is a canarian Triathlon rule.. and this race, for the first time was in the Canarian championships.. Sorry you pulled out.. I had other friends who did so too.. but glad that I continued as I knew after 27 years in Triathlon that this DQ was nonsense.. The organiser was ever so apologetic as he knew this was wrong.. my friend was offered a free entry to the 2017 event.. I'm not sure I'm going to do it this year.. although still thinking about it..
    Written by Liz Dunlop, 23rd December 2016 - Reply
  • Is the bike fun and hilly - same question with the run? A route map/description welcome.
    Written by Nigel, 11th October 2017 - Reply
    • Hi Nigel, I think there are a few hills althought, I don't have a route description but if you email sara@clublasanta.com in resort she will send you a route. In the meantime look at this video as it shows some of the cycling nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__RfAAuuM-g thanks Ross
      Written by Ross Litherland, 12th October 2017 - Reply


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