Mind, Body And Soul Retreat With Kellee Kell

Mind, Body And Soul Retreat With Kellee Kell

11th – 19th September 2020

Kellee Kell and Club La Santa welcome you to immerse yourself in the spirit of Yoga, with the opportunity to expand your mind with a wealth of ideas and practices available to rejuvenate Mind, Body and Soul.


We appreciate that everyone is different and offer a wide selection of classes to suit all ages, levels and abilities. For the enthusiast there is a variety of over 30 hours of Yoga and Meditation and for the novice there is the opportunity to embrace Yoga at your own pace and do as little or as much as you please.

Come alone or with friends and make new friends with like-minded souls and delight in a warm climate and convivial atmosphere. Release those preconceived ideas about Yoga, have some fun and laughs in the sunshine whilst finding the peaceful, serene and calm you honoring the essence of your kind and gentle nature.

Amongst the hardships that challenge us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, emerge the greatest experiences of our lives, so allow yourself this opportunity to free yourself and experience the joy within as you tune in to your higher intelligence and feel true internal bliss.

Our retreats cater for all your unique requirements so whether you’re looking for an action packed week or a little Yoga and time to chill, you will have the greatest tools at hand to help relax, rest and unwind, feel exhilarated, invigorated and revitalized and find inner and outer strength. Yoga is about balance and wellbeing, fun and freeing yet peaceful, challenging, relaxing and energizing. Yoga improves balance, strength and flexibility and moves us to that positive space where radiance and harmony dwell.


10.00 Welcome meeting and registration (Tour of facilities for those who want)
14.00-15.00 Introduction to Yoga
17.30-18.00 Meditation
18.00-19.30 Yoga Flow
08.00-08.30 Breath Meditation
08.30-10.00 Yoga Basics
17.00-17.30 Body Meditation
17.30-19.00 Totally Twisted
08.30-09.00 Meditation
09.00-10.30 Restorative Yoga
17.30-18.00 Meditation
18.00-19.30 Core Force Be With You
08.00-08.30 Meditation
08.30-10.00 Mindfulness and Movement
17.30-19.00 Chakra Yoga
19.00-19.30 Chakra Meditation
08.30-09.00 Meditation
09.00-10.30 Breath, Bandhas and Balance
17.30-18.30 Warrior Workout
18.30-19.00 Sunset Meditation
08.30-09.00 Meditation
09.00-10.30 Gentle yoga
17.00-18.00 Power House
18.00-18.30 Mindfulness Meditation
18.30-19.00 Deep Relaxation



The price is €120, including all activities in the programme and and a special event t-shirt.

Places are limited, early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment. Please note that the camp is restricted to guests staying at Club La Santa.

From time to time, there are not enough participants in an event to ensure that everyone can enjoy a good experience, in which case we reserve the right to cancel. This happens rarely and should this occur you would be refunded the full amount.

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