Technical Bike Week w/ Andy Cook

Technical Bike Week w/ Andy Cook

25th – 31st  March 2022

Whether you’re looking to prepare for the season ahead while enjoying the sunny climate and challenging terrain, or just want to enjoy some great rides while taking in the breath taking scenery, these weeks are a great way to start your year!

The island offers a variety of terrain, with significant mountain climbs as well as undulating roads, making Lanzarote the perfect place to ride and progress your training.



Andy Cook and his team will assist and lead you on the rides in different groups according to your individual level, from relative beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

The routes will vary in length and intensity each day to offer different levels of difficulty. During the long rides there will be stops for sandwiches and refreshments, where you can take in the beautiful views.

During the camp you will work on your fitness, technique and strength to gain improvements on the bike. You will also get a 30 min. massage during the week to assist your recovered for next sessions..

There will also be a talk about Bikefit and a Q&A session, where any sports related questions can be answered. We will enjoy a celebratory dinner on the last evening of the camp.

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