Club La Santa Series – Claire Carlin

Club La Santa Series – Claire Carlin

Date published: 08/07/2020

A fitness journey can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For some it’s a short journey with a fixed ending – maybe dropping a few pounds or training for an event. But for others it can be something totally life changing, as it was for Club La Santa customer, Claire Carlin.

Claire’s life had always seemed to be dictated by her weight, something she struggled with throughout her childhood and into adulthood.

But making positive changes at crucial moments, along with a very welcome trip to Club La Santa during which she experienced everything the resort had to offer; the 80 sporting activities, and healthy, positive lifestyle, helped set her on a path towards achieving her ultimate life goals, and left her eager to return to Lanzarote.

Starting from the very beginning, in her own words, this is Claire Carlin’s journey…

Claire always knew that she had a passion for sport.

“Initially I had tight time scales, didn’t eat after 7pm. That was the time I was most likely to consume sugary snacks, so I had that golden rule. But now I’m finding more recently that it was causing me problems in the morning for training.”

Claire also revealed that her diet and lifestyle have actively contributed to her improved sleeping pattern – now Claire is up running at 5am every morning, even on days off. Where as before days off were spent enjoying a long lie in, her body clock means she naturally wakes for a morning run.

“My sleep used to be awful, I wouldn’t be up before 11am if I could be on rest days. Now I sleep straight through, I’m up at 5am every morning running. I have so much energy, I don’t feel lethargic. My mood is much better. I don’t get headaches (used to get them daily) better, sharper, stronger. But I do eat after 7pm now. I’ve had quite a lot of dietary advice, I knew how to lose the weight, but if you’re training for a higher level then that’s different, you need more calories for training. Eat 5 times a day. Look at nutrient’s rather than calorie content.”

It’s been an incredible journey!