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Yoga is the perfect way to prepare your body and mind for Swim Serpentine. Find out how Green Team coach Kellee Kell developed her unique Mind, Body and Soul camp at Club La Santa, Lanzarote.


Yoga’s popularity has increased over the last few years with more and more people partaking in the activity. As well as physical benefits yoga is great for overall mental health and wellbeing.

Some of the main benefits include: cardiovascular, immune and circulatory health as well as improving posture, performance, strength, energy levels and motivation.


All of which will be a huge benefit when taking part in Children with Cancer UK Swim Serpentine, in September.


What are the overall benefits of Yoga as an activity?

Yoga benefits all of our bodies systems especially the nervous system, cardiovascular and immune systems, which are fundamental to our overall health.

We are made up of energy which strategic points located in the body to correlate major organs such as the heart and brain and cooperate with the endocrine and lymphatic systems to help flush our bodies with good energy and dispose of unwanted energy.

In cooperating yoga into your weekly training regime in the build up to Swim Serpentine will help with breathing and strength and will help boost serotonin and endorphin levels.


Kellee Kell runs a Mind, Body and Soul retreat at Club La Santa and has 20 years teaching experience. She an International Fitness Presenter, inspiring people with her infectious personality and passion for yoga.

Kellee explains what improvements you could expect to see from a week on her retreat?

After a week with me you can expect improvements on every level possible: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, inside and out!

Expect a week full of fabulous ideas to improve wellbeing in all aspects of life and return home with increased vitality, energy, feeling stronger, more relaxed.

Some expect to see increased  flexibility, but find they become stronger, balanced, focused, invigorated, whereas other come to improve their peace of mind. They learn to breathe more easily as they open their hearts to acceptance and forgiveness.

These weeks truly are the full package, seeing how the little improvements make up the path to wellbeing.


Is the camp fit for all abilities?

The camp is fit for all abilities and is open to all ages and levels of experience. I appreciate we are all unique with different requirements so each class can be adapted to suit all needs. We’ve had yoga novices and the elite over the years and guests with no yoga experience attend.

As you see from the photos by the end of the week they are balancing on arms and legs, smiling with joy and doing things that they’d never imagined possible.

We have two retreats running in 2020, dates to be confirmed in April and September.



To join Kellee at her Mind, Body and Soul Retreat in September 2019 click here

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Date Posted: 20th August 2019


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