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Mind Body and Soul coach, Kellee Kell is a frequent host of training camps and retreats here at Club La Santa. Kellee has over 20 years teaching experience and is an International Fitness Presenter inspiring people with her infectious personality and passion for Yoga. We caught up with Kellee and went through a Q and A to discuss the success of her Mind, Body and Soul Retreat and gain crucial insight into the world of yoga.


What do you enjoy most about the camps that you are teaching?

I enjoy being able to connect with people on a personal level and I love the gift of helping people find the tools to live more happier, peaceful and contented lives. Seeing someone find freedom, acceptance, work on their inner and outer self, go beyond perception to transform weakness into strength in Mind Body and Soul, it really is a beautiful experience, seeing people discover themselves and transform their life. Human beings are magnificent, I’m blessed to share these life transforming moments with people from all over the world who come from different backgrounds. Students become my greatest teachers, I’ve learned so much from them all, honestly, its an honour and a pleasure to teach, especially here at Club La Santa.


What improvements could someone expect from the week? Can you provide any examples of possible improvements?

One sincerely can expect improvements on every level possible, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, inside and out, expect a week full of fabulous ideas to improve wellbeing in all aspects of life, personal, work, social and return home with increased vitality and energy, stronger, joyful, calmer, peaceful, relaxed, you know that feeling, that smile that comes from the soul. Some expect to improve flexibility but find they become stronger, balanced, focused, invigorated, some come to improve their peace of mind, they learn to breath more easily as they open their hearts to acceptance and forgiveness. These weeks truly are the full package, seeing how the little improvements make up the path to wellbeing. It’s intense at times but magical, I had a guy say at the end of one retreat “Well I expected to make improvements, but this camp was far greater than I ever expected” he then said “And I didn’t expect to cry after 30 years especially not whilst in a head stand in front of you all” we all cried, then laughed together naturally, that’s the beauty of Yoga, those hidden treasures, we improve and learn and find so much more than expected. Every expectation we have is blown away and something far greater is born. I work hard to design a balanced programme ensuring guests work on all the aspects to feel improvements and gain an in-depth knowledge in a short space of time.


The success stories are endless, we’ve had improvements on may levels once again, some physical, some mental, some emotional. People finding freedom from pain, learning methods to cope with stress, Bi-Polar, depression, anxiety, insomnia, discovering ways to ease their struggles, stress and such through yoga and meditation, we even had a lady overcome her fear of water and fish to paddle with her husband. There are many examples of improvements but some go down in our hearts history, where you feel your work has true purpose and you are filled with deepest gratitude for the experience. One man joined the retreat four months after having a stroke with limited use and balance on the left side of his body. By the end of the week he was doing headstands, smiling passionately and positively, another simply perfect moment.


Is the camp fit for all abilities?

The camp is fit for all abilities and open to all ages and levels of experience. I appreciate we are all unique with different requirements so each class can be adapted to suit all needs. We’ve had yoga novices and the elite over the years and guests with no yoga experience attend. As you see from the photos by the end of the week they are balancing on arms and legs, smiling with joy and doing things that they’d never imagined possible. Even the injured can participate, I had 2 people with sprained swollen restricted ankles and a shattered knee on arrival last year, a lady with walking sticks, recent operations, but we adjusted as things arose, cushions, straps, blocks, a little acceptance and a smile. That’s the beauty and brilliance of yoga, there’s something for everyone, we learn to adapt the postures to find comfort and settlement


What are the overall benefits of Yoga as an activity?

I could mention hundreds of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga as an activity with scientific evidence to support. Yoga benefits all of the systems in our bodies especially the nervous system, cardiovascular and immune systems which are fundamental to our wellbeing, it works every fibre, muscle, bone, organ, nerve, tendon, cell in the body and every molecule of our being. We are made up of energy with strategic points located in the body to correlate to our major organs such as the heart and brain, and cooperate with the endocrine and lymphatic systems to help flush our bodies with good energy and dispose of unwanted energy, bad energy so to speak. Yoga benefits every aspect of our mind body and life, helps us remove that which does not serve us (habits of thinking, patterns of behaviour) by making us aware of our emotions, thoughts etc and replacing the negative with positive attitudes, qualities of kindness, acceptance. Take your pick, elite athletes, the national health service, rehabilitation schemes, pain management programmes and major global brands are now awakening to the benefits and incorporating yoga and mindfulness programmes.


The main benefits are:
  • Benefits to cardiovascular, immune and circulatory health
  • Slows ageing at no cost
  • Improves posture, performance, perception, sleep, alignment, balance, circulation, digestion, focus, concentration and engagement
  • Increases energy, motivation, strength, flexibility, core strength, muscle strength, tone, self awareness and vitality
  • Reduces stress, tension, depression, anxiety and pain
  • Prevents disease, sickness and injury
  • Makes people more positive, calm, peaceful, and kind
  • Increases happiness, acceptance, willpower and self discipline
  • Encourages a healthier lifestyle
  • Improves respiration, breathing, energy and vitality
  • Boosts serotonin and endorphines
  • Balances blood pressure and self control


What do you regard as the most important element of the camp

The whole idea is Mind Body Soul, being revived restored refreshed, to find peace, to relight our inner fire. The most important element of the camp is guests smiling, having fun, being gentle with themselves and learning new skills to live to their fullest potential. I encourage guests to attend all the sessions, which are different in styles and pace. This can get tiring when so much information is being absorbed, over 30 hours of practice, but the results are remarkable and totally inspiring. We learn to work together during the experience, friendships are born, sharing our individual knowledge and wisdom, trusting ourselves and each other as a team to overcome challenges as they are arise. Its important for guests to find the tools to manage their wellbeing, being well as they face challenges on the path of life and on the road to improvement and alignment of mind and body.  We come to accept, not expect, we learn that we are unique, to embrace that uniqueness fearlessly and find the freedom to live balanced, peacefully, stress free, these retreats are truly an opportunity to expand our mind to a wealth of ideas to master the mind and align themselves in Mind, Body and Soul.


Do you find that the people who attend the camp benefit mentally and physically?

Absolutely they benefit mentally (Mind), physically (Body) and emotionally (Soul), you see where I’m going with this, it’s all connected, some of the benefits are instant and happen within days. The two aspects of the camp, yoga and meditation can both be life changing individual practices in themselves, but used together there is much more to gain.  Again, scientific evidence supports the link between mental and physical health, I’ve seen people do amazing things. We simply accept thoughts are transient, they come and go, we become aware, we learn to respond rather than react to life as it unfolds. Cultivating qualities of kindness, compassion, love towards ourselves and others. Guests always have different reasons for attending the camp but find much more and reap the benefits mentioned earlier not only during this week but for the rest of their lives. Below is some of the fantastic client feedback the camp has received.


“Dear Kellee, thank you, for a wonderful retreat, l feel it will change my perspective on life for the good, l enjoyed the group meeting new people but best of all the realisation that the only thing that holds you back is yourself and with your help and belief l managed asanas l never thought l would do . As l read one of the poems this morning l suddenly burst into tears not that l was upset but very touched by the words, thank you again l wish you well.”

“Thank you so much to the club for our break. We had an absolutely super time – the room was modern and comfortable, the sports facilities were top quality, staff friendly and helpful, and we had delicious food in the restaurants. We hope to be back next year.”

Kellee…you made my holiday!  You are a great teacher of asana and pranayama and I loved your philosophy. I will always remember you when I eat dark chocolate now and I’ll try not to let my ego show off too many handstands. Love and gratitude”


Do you find that people enjoy participating in the activity outside in the warm weather?

The weather totally compliments the experience and practise and guests love it. When the body is warm we can go deeper into the stretches, reduce the risk of injury, relax easily and generally benefit from the vitality the weather brings. Everything is simply perfect!


What is clear from this Q and A is the passion that Kellee has for her Mind, Body and Soul Retreats. She evidently loves the success stories of what the camp has produced over the years, it has managed to help many people improve their mental and physical wellbeing whilst enjoying the Lanzarote sun at Club La Santa.

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Date Posted: 4th May 2019


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