Practice on your own, improve your technique, take an excursion or simply have a round of crazy golf!


Golf training facilities at Club La Santa:

  • An 18-hole putting green with minor level differences. The sides of the putting green are covered with artificial grass in fairway height, so you can practice chipping and play onto the putting green

Improve your golf technique with a personal instructor

With a personal instructor the full focus is on you and your way of playing golf. Your technique will be adjusted, and you get the tools to improve all aspects of your game.

Our instructors use the latest TrackMan technology, taking readings and video recordings of your strokes. TrackMan provides a real-time picture of your stroke, face angle when you hit, data on trajectory, ball speed and much more.

For more information, prices and reservations, please visit sports booking.

With a personal instructor the full focus is on you and your way of playing golf.

Golfing options

We various social tournaments both on the driving range and putting green.

  • a chipping range, where the mats you can practice on play onto a large green with 5 holes
  • a sand bunker, where you play up onto the chipping green
  • a driving range area where you hit into a net
  • Putting competition – who can achieve the lowest round of 18 holes of putting

Golf Beginners

In this instruction you will learn the basics of a golf swing including: grip, stance and swing. This class is suited to beginners.

Join our Intermediate  Swing School 

In this instruction we will improve your golf swing and enhance your game. You will have the opportunity to practice with a range of club and drivers. This is for those who have played golf before.

Long drive tournament

The long drive competition will measure how far your golf shot goes with our Trackman system!


In this introductory class you will enjoy 10 minutes experiencing the Trackman video system. This latest golfing technology offers you all the information to learn about your swing, distance, club speed, ball speed, club path, face angle.

Short Game

In this instruction you will learn the basics of chipping and bunker shots, with your technique being improved throughout.

Improve your technique with personal instructions with our Green Team.

Fitness Golf

This class combines balance, power and flexibility exercises that will develop your golf game. The main goal of the instruction is to be more aware of your body and how to activate your muscles at the right time to be more efficient. Also we will go through injury prevention exercises to prepare you better to stand the force from a golf swing. Suitable for all levels.


Mini Golf – fun for all the family!

Our 20 hole mini golf course presents a variety of challenges and fun for all the family. The course even has lighting so you can play in the evening.

Collect your clubs and golf balls from sports booking any time from 08:00 until 19:00. Should you wish to play in the evening you can simply return them the next morning.

Play time and adult tournaments are held on a regular basis, come along and join us!


Please note that in the case of strong wind, the chipping area will be unavailable you will still be able to use the putting area.

Make the most of  the golf facilities with a free membership.

Member at the Golf Training Centre, have free access to all our golfing facilities

  • Get unlimited access to the Golf Training Centre and its equipment any time of the day
  •  10% discount for a take away drink from El Lago
  • The card is can be reused on your next visit to Club La Santa

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Golf excursions with Club La Santa


Join the weekly Golf Tours to the  18 hole courses of Costa Teguise and Tias*. For more information and bookings, please visit the Sports Booking.

*A handicap/license (max. 36) to join this trip.