Accessibility for Guests with Reduced Mobility

Accessibility for Guests with Reduced Mobility

Accessibility for Guests with Reduced Mobility

Accessible To Everyone

At Club La Santa, we welcome guests with various kinds of disabilities,we strive to make our facilities as convenient and accessible as possible for everyone.

Should you have any specific needs or requests please contact us before your arrival to ensure that we can make any necessary preparations.

At Club La Santa we often welcome guests with reduced mobility or other disabilities. In addition to our specially adapted and wheelchair accessible apartments, we strive to make our facilities as convenient and accessible as possible for anyone with mobility issues who wants to be active. If you have any special requirements, please get in touch with us before your arrival to ensure that we can make the necessary preparations.

The following information details the accessibility for guests with reduced mobility, staying at Club La Santa. It is our aim to provide an outstanding service for all guests in order to be among one of the worlds top hotels.


South Entrance

The taxi drivers and customers can park directly in front of the South Reception and the
front door is automatic (1.45 cm). There are 4 reserved parking spaces for wheelchair
users. Opposite of the reception we can find the adapted toilet with direct access.
Open Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 to 15:00, Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.



If someone wishes to reserve a wheelchair-adapted taxi, they would need to contact
the reception and reserve one day in advance. If a bus is needed, they would have
to contact the Guide Department (in Sports Booking).


At Club La Santa most of the ramps have railings with wheel protection rod in the
height of maximum 65cm. There is a rod on top of the railing which can aid guests
with walking difficulties. The ramps have a nonskid surface which provides an
excellent footing and traction to ensure wheelchair safety. Next to all ramps there
are steps which also benefits from the railings.



As described above there are stairs next to all ramps and they benefit from the same
railings. Furthermore, there are stairs from ground floor to first floor. Most stairs have
wide steps which eases the use for guests with reduced mobility, but there are spiral
staircases that are not easy to use. Second and third floor are accessible through our
“towers” which are closed stairs. All stairs around the Resort have the average size of
10 cm in height and 45cm in length.


All passageways at Club La Santa have a minimum of 172 cm wide. They are all
made with tiles which ensure a perfect level. The tiles do not become slippery when
it is raining.


Though we recommend our reduced mobility guest to stay at ground level, there
are two lifts at Club La Santa which let guests access the first floor. The lift next to
the reception measures 80 cm in width, 113 cm in length and the buttons are at
height of 115 cm. The lift next to Play Time is 113 cm in width, 238 cm in length and
the panel is at a height of 116 cm. Both lifts are 210 cm in height. The lifts have a
braille system.


Toilet at the North Conference Centre

The public toilets at Club La Santa are designed for reduced mobility use. They
are all very spacious and have arm supports. They are found at the South Pools,
Restaurant El Lago, the Square, South Business Conference Centre, South Reception,
North Reception and North Conference Centre (both partly prepared for weelchairs)
and inside the CLS Arena Disco (open in the evening and night time). Additionally,
there is a reduced mobility friendly toilet inside the Wellness Centre.
Pool Bar toilets are open 24 hours.
Restaurant “El Lago” outside toilets are open 24 hours.
South Pools toilet is open from 6am to 10pm.

Furthermore, the toilets at the reception and the Pool Bar have extra wide entrances
of 65 cm and 80 cm. Inside there is more space (see picture) than in basic toilets.

Please see below for the overall Accessibility report, pages 7 and 8 have a table showing the overall mobility and accessibility in/to Club La Santa’s facilities. There are two categories: “Easy”, (a person in a wheelchair can easily get around without help), or “With help”.



Apartments and Suites

Apartments: We offer a number of disable friendly apartments (on the ground level with wider doors and ramp access), designed to meet all the needs of our disabled guests. Situated close to the North Reception, they allow easy access to our sports facilities, leisure pool and taxi rank. These spacious apartments offer wide, sliding doors and wide aisles for ease of access, light switches are all placed at a convenient height for wheelchair users and the bathrooms are fully equipped with a low sink, flip grab bars for the toilet and support bars in the shower. We also offer bathroom mobility aids for use in our other apartments, should they be needed.

Suites: Three specially adapted suites are also provided in our recently opened South accommodation area, all easily accessible by spacious walkways and ramps. These two bedroom suites have a spacious living area with direct access to lower-level kitchen work spaces, which also contain moveable floor-level units for flexibility. One totally adapted bathroom provides the comfort and access required for wheelchair users.