Upcoming Renovation Work 2022 – 2023

Upcoming Renovation Work 2022 – 2023

Club La Santa will undertake improvements and renovations to the resort from time to time throughout the year.

Noise will be kept to a minimum and generally operates during working hours 8am till 4pm. 

Here’s just some of the completed renovation work in 2020:


Redesign project (October 2020) – We have designed a new garden landscape between the Stadium and apartments.

New tennis centre court (October 2020) – We have finalized the renovation of our new tennis centre court. Three of our tennis courts have been converted into a new, unique centre court with spectator seats on both sides. The court has been built lower in the ground for protection from the wind. This means that we will have 8 exclusive tennis courts available with Decoturf base, the official surface of the US Open. We have also built solid walls on all other courts to better protect them from the wind.

New outdoor CrossFit area (October 2020) – The CrossFit area has moved to behind tennis court 8 in the area just before entering the Volcano. It has doubled in size and a storeroom and special floor has been installed. The new area gives space for social distancing during classes and daily use.

New athletics track (September 2020) – We are proud to announce that we have finished the renovation of our new athletics track. The new surface is called Conica CONIPUR Vmax, a highly technical, very sophisticated running surface. The track has been divided into training and leisure lanes. This means athletic groups and serious individual athletes won´t be disturbed by other runners, as they have a wide outer lane with dedicated surface for leisure running. Our new track will also be equipped with Polytan SmarTracks, making it possible to track your motion in relation to the running track by wearing a sensor. This will be incorporated into the two outer 110m sprint lanes, the inside lane of the full track, and the 45m runway for triple- and long jump. The data will be available in real-time on computers or smartphones connected to the internet. Multiple groups can use the technology at the same time. Individual guests are also able to use this feature.

Extra padel tennis court (August 2020) – We have finalized the building of an additional padel tennis court, which means that we now have a total of 6 courts.

Renewed Tennis Court 8 with SMASH-BACK wall (July 2020) – Exclusive tennis court number 8 (previously court 10), has undergone a complete refurbishment and it is now surrounded by solid walls on three sides for better wind protection. The court is equipped with a 14-metre unique SMASH-BACK tennis wall as well as line indications for training on the opposite straight concrete wall. The unique curve geometry means you can train almost as if you were training with a real opponent.

The shape of this practice wall was created in collaboration with tennis professionals and the ball bounces realistically, similar to the return from an opponent.

New inner coating for the Leisure Pool (July 2020) – The Leisure Pool has received a new inner coating.

Club La Santa merchandise shop (July 2020) – The Club La Santa merchandise shop has been completely refurbished with a clean, modern look.


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