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These three weeks Club La Santa is welcoming the swimming team “Olympiastützpunkt Rhein- Neckar” from Germany.
21 people, including Mr. Spikermann, the trainer. This is not his first time at Club La Santa. That was back in 1991, the year that he started as a swimming coach.

He and his team are here for a training camp, some of the swimmers try to qualify for the coming Olympics. He has younger swimmers as well and they train here in order to get better, to be on the national level.
“They are already highly-skilled, but there is always room to improve ourselves.”

“The main reason why we are here is because of the good weather and we have the possibility to train outdoor.
With outdoor training they can practice more and the recovery of the body is faster. The facilities are great; Club La Santa offers various sports, our team uses the gym and the Olympic swimming pool many times.”

What Mr. Spikermann really likes about Club La Santa is that everything is so close to each other. “At some training camps we need too much time to go from A to B and from B to C, but here we don’t lose time. In 5 minutes walk you can be everywhere.”

Spikermann’s advice to his swimmers is that they must know where they want to go.
“For the swimmers, who do not know where to go, it is difficult to be motivated. So it is important to have a goal in your mind, and stay on your way.” But his swimmers are highly motivated and they want to be the best.

Spikermann’s dream is to get his swimmers on the stage and to hear the national anthem of Germany.

Spikermann will keep teaching in the coming years as he loves his job.
He knows already that he has a bright future as this team’s trainer, he has the right skills to teach, the right vision, and he has many talents and upcoming top swimmers.

We wish Spikermann and his team a nice time at Club La Santa and we wish them all the best of luck for the future and hopefully Spikermann will see his swimmers on the stage and hear the national anthem of Germany.

Date Posted: 15th October 2007

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