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From the 23rd-30th April, Her Spirit will, be offering a female only, Tri Training camp at Club La Santa!

Join Her Spirirt, Co Founders Mel and Holly on their training camp in the Lanzarote sun and take part in numerous activities inspire other and make new friends along the way.

Her Spirit is working in partnership with British Triathlon and Sports Tours International to offer a range of exciting frightened to fearless challenges for 2020.  All Premium events include a 12-month Her Spirit subscription and access to our local group swim, bike, run and walk meet ups and partner discounts. Local meet-up details can be found in our app events section.

See the full time table for the Tri camp here:  her spirirt camp.

About Her Spirit

Her Spirit enables women to take control of their health and wellbeing, it connects women with each other (‘Together we’ve got this’ is our mantra) virtually and locally to achieve individual and group-based physical activity and health goals.

Her Spirit is an alternative to boring, soulless gym sessions and fad diets. Join our community of like-minded women who want to take control of their long-term health and happiness. From Frightened to Fearless challenges to our 12-step Mind, Body, Fuel healthy lifestyle programme you can choose the journey that works for you.

Her Spirit was founded by Mel Berry and Holly Woodford in 2019.

For more information on Her Spirit www.herspirit.co.uk and joining the Global Community is FREE as Her Spirit believes in Inspiring women everywhere to live a healthier, happier life.


Read what some of the Her Spirit members have to say

Wanting to complete a Triathlon, but unable to swim front crawl?

 When offered the opportunity to take on my first Triathlon, the Super Sprint at London Triathlon with Her Spirit, I was determined to take on this challenge. I knew I could complete the bike and the run, however I would need to build my confidence in the water and wanted to break out of breast stroke and finally learn to swim front crawl.

With an 8 week training plan available on the Her Spirit app and the support from many other like-minded women I was keen to get to the pool to push myself to achieve something I never thought was possible.

The first few weeks were difficult, I found it hard to breathe and I would need to stop halfway through a length to catch my breathe and calm myself. It was good to hear that I wasn’t on my own and it was fantastic to have tips and techniques from others to avoid the feeling of panic with my face in the water.

After a couple of weeks it was time to brave the open water. This can be very daunting and I would definitely recommend doing this with others. It was so reassuring having other women there to support me, especially Vicky (the Her Spirit swimming coach) who was able to assess my swimming technique and help me understand how to improve and feel more confident in the water.

As the weeks went by I was amazed how much my swimming had improved and now I needed to focus on my endurance to ensure I can swim the full distance (400m) on the day.

As the training plan advanced the intensity in the final weeks and my distances in open water increased, it soon reached race week!On race day I was extremely nervous about the swim, but with so many other women by my side these worries disappeared and I felt excited to take on this challenge.

As we all stood together at the start there was a buzz of excitement and to see everyone of us cross that finish line was absolutely amazing. We are all individuals, all with our own goals and journeys, but together we are stronger, offering support and friendship to each other.

I now definitely have the swimming bug and since the Triathlon, I have completed the Swim Serpentine 2 miles, which definitely proves you can achieve the impossible. I plan to continue swimming and can’t wait to complete a full Olympic Triathlon next year and to also inspire many other women to take on their own swimming journey with my support.

It’s exciting to hear that Zoggs are supporting Her Spirit. As a brand who believe it’s vitally important to be inclusive and support a positive body image for all shapes and sizes, Zoggs brand values compliments Her Spirits ethos, and I can’t wait to see how this partnership will develop next year.

If you are inspired, get out there and start swimming, don’t be afraid to push yourself and try new things.

Date Posted: 17th January 2020


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