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Surrounding Club La Santa you will find a variety of on road and off road running routes of distances from 2km upto 21km. Every week we arrange a large range of social runs and competitions with something for everyone.

Club La Santa has 3 50m outdoor pools.
It is divided in 8 lanes.
Instructions are available for both children and adults.

Lanzarote is well renowned for its great variety of biking routes both on and off road. Wherever you go you will be rewarded with stunning views of both the dramatic volcanic landscape and beautiful ocean with magnificent towering cliffs.

Sporting Events At Club La Santa

22 Apr 2014

Club La Santa IRONMAN

Club La Santa Sporting Events

Special theme weeks and sports events are organised throughout the year to provide our customers with a more professional and intensive approach to particular sports.

Please be aware – Pre-registration to Club La Santa events and weeks is necessary.

Event weeks are restricted to guests staying at Club La Santa.


Events In This Section

5th-11th September 2014
Kellee Kell and Club La Santa welcome you to immerse yourself, your Mind, Body and Soul in the spirit of Yoga.

5th-11th September 2014
This Senior’s Bike Week is for people over 50, who enjoys biking under the sun in beautiful surroundings.

12th-18th September 2014
CrossFit uses a high intensity programme that combines weightlifting, sprinting and gymnastics to improve strength, toning and overall conditioning.

19th-25th September 2014
This week is exclusively for women. Find who you are and unfold your feminine qualities

19th-25th September 2014
The camp will be for beginners to elites and be based on each individual’s own level in a professional and fun way with focus on running technique, video analysis, intervals etc.

Triathlon Club La Santa Lanzarote sports holiday resort

20th September 2014
Enter the new half iron distance Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote now!

Swimming Club La Santa Lanzarote sports holiday resort

26th September- 2nd October 2014
The Camp is aimed at beginner and intermediate level triathletes and open water swimmers


31st October- 14th November 2014
The well-known hosts, together with the experienced Green Team bike guides offer you plenty of challenges, guidance and many unforgettable experiences whilst you’re biking around Lanzarote.

Running Club La Santa Lanzarote sports holiday resort

23rd -26th November 2014
The International Running Challenge is one of Club La Santa’s most successful running events

27th November – 18th December 2014
Swim Camp for Triathletes

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